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Dedicated email addresses for those wishing to show others their everyday support of the Second Amendment Right to Bear and Bear Arms with a "YourName" address.  


Our goal is Determine marketability of the domain offering electronic mail addresses.

We wish to test the desire for those passionate for the 2A to have an email address dedicated to supporting the Second Amendment  (2A); offering an alternative to and . 


This venture will not be uncomplicated, easy to create and maintain and, therefore, will not be free - we don't have the financial and in house technical resources required yet (as does Google and Yahoo) .    We project the cost at $100 per year for each subscription and once we have 200+ pledges of support, we will begin development. 


The recipient will receive not only a 'name' address but, also discounts on products, services and shipping cost not otherwise available. will be a hub for Firearm industry information including 2A political news, product reviews, etc.

As stated above, we wish to determine your future desire for a "name" address.  We are not requesting any money now but, are asking for your future pledge to purchase a “YourName” address .

Yes, I want a address when available.  I will be kept abreast as this effort progresses

Thanks for submitting!

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