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16.5 in Barrel Length

Leupold 35x45

Harris Bipod

Eley Tenex

The trigger pull is noticeable less that the Lithgow 101 (see previous blog posts for details).

The both action is very smooth and locks smoothly too. Ammunition inserts into the chamber without issue and brass ejection was excellent. All better than the Lithgow which occasionally would not load the round into chamber; the lead bullet would 'buggered up" and had to decarded. "Buggered up" is a legitimate scientific and engineering term. LOL!

I like the lever on the left side of the action allowing easy bolt removal.

I cleaned the barrel well before shooting and after 'zeroing' the scope, the first group was OUTSTANDING!

I noticed the group starting to spread about 25 rounds, cleaned and groups tighten back up.

Repeated again after the next 25 rounds.

According to the Manufacture's Manual, the trigger pull is set in the range of 11.1–14 N (2.5 - 3 lbs.) I measure at 2.25 to 3 lbs which I suspect will be less as it breaks in The trigger pull weight and is ADJUSTABLE. HOW COOL!!! I'm looking forward to experimenting!!

Fifty Yards

Ballistic X Mobile App. :

Target 2 0.518 MOA (w/o flyer - I suc)

Target 4 1.183 MOA

Target 6 0.986 MOA

Target 7 0.775 MOA

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