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Specs in previous Posts.

As I wrote in my post of May 22, the 101 REALLY needs a much lighter trigger for the bench. I remeasured today: 3 - 3.25 lbs.

To that end, I order and have received Lithgow LA101 - trigger spring set from Lumley Arms which, their web site claims will be 1.6 lbs when installed correctly.

I have yet installed. I wish I could get to <1 lb but, I'll take what I can get.

Although I'm usually not hesitate to do my own "gunsmithing", in this I'll employ a smith to install, as the instructions suggest.

Also, I removed the Mueller Scope and installed my Leupold 35x45

Limbsaver Barrel Deresonator Installed on at Target 13

Yes, the targets below are the best of the day; I'm doing my best to test the rifle - not my terrible shooting skills especially reading the wind.

Fifty Yards

Ballistic X Mobile App. :

Target 2 1.081 MOA

Target 4 0.872 MOA

Target 5 0.778 MOA

Target 6 0.723 MOA

Target 8 0.898 MOA

Deresonator Installed on at Target 13

Target 13 1.150 MOA

Target 18 0.754 MOA

Target 20 0.973 MOA

More data is needed to determine affect of Barrel Deresonator.

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