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Gun-Owning Feminist Slams Dems: The 2A Empowers Women

March 6, 2020

Gun rights activist Antonia Okafor Cover said Friday on "Fox & Friends" that Democrats have the wrong idea about the meaning of feminism, arguing for why gun ownership is empowering and not something to be restricted or criticized.

She said the Democratic Party has veered far to the left in recent years and that there really is no moderate lane anymore.

Okafor Cover, the spokesperson for Gun Owners of America, reacted to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pledging to ban so-called "assault weapons" and Joe Biden pledging to close what he called the "gun show loophole" in firearms sales and require universal background checks.

She said that feminist icon Susan B. Anthony called for women to practice self-defense, noting that the feminist movement's "origin" is actually about rights such as those enshrined in the Second Amendment.

"I just blatantly talk about the fact that feminism and the Republican Party – or even being a Christian – are not mutually exclusive. They are something that actually go together, and have been since the beginning of the women's movement," she said, referencing her column in "The Independent."

Okafor Cover dismissed the contention that Biden is a "moderate," saying that the only reason he is viewed as such is because he is being contrasted with the ultra-leftist Sanders.

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