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Gun sales in major swing states up nearly 80% this year: Will it have any bearing on election outcom

The 2020 presidential election is just six weeks away, and pollsters and pundits are turning more attention to the handful of swing states that could ultimately decide the outcome.

While the issue of the Second Amendment hasn't necessarily been at the forefront of this campaign cycle, the notion of gun rights has been a significant flashpoint throughout the turmoil and uncertainty of this year – induced by the ongoing global pandemic and national shutdown and further enhanced by the rioting and unrest that has permeated much of the country in recent months.

According to FBI data, the bureau processed 93% more background checks nationwide from March through July this year as compared with the same period the previous year. And while the classification of a "swing state" varies and is debatable, the Cook Political Report – as cited last month by the U.S. State Department –"sees Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as toss-ups," potentially along with New Hampshire and North Carolina.

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