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All 1A & 2A supporters should fire FaceBook!!! on MeWe: on

GSL: FB will increase the number of eyeballs who see GSL's posts for money, but "we’re not paying the hangman for the rope to fashion our own noose."

Acting like tyrants, America’s big tech companies deplatformed all manner of opposing viewpoints from their services in January. They deleted a number of accounts, including those of President Trump,, Second City Cop and plenty of others. Their censorship of Americans’ free speech rights is, in our view, unacceptable.

Does anyone thing these oligarchs who run these companies care about Second Amendment rights when they so brazenly block First Amendment protections?

Facebook has banned individuals for nothing more than posting images of guns. And they’ve taken down whole communities like the Illinois Gun Owners Together group with a mouse click or two without cause.

Even for groups like Guns Save Life on Facebook, while they haven’t banned us as of this writing, they’ve throttled the reach of our posts to a trickle. We have about 7900 likes, all organic. A decade ago, our posts would be seen by thousands within a hours. Today, we can post an important story and it’s (only) seen by hundreds over a week or two. Even with engagements like sharing, we might have fifty or one hundred people sharing the story with their friends but we still have less than a thousand people seeing the story.

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