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My Lithgow 101 - At the Range on April 30, 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Specs in previous Posts.

Very Windy Today

I didn't shoot today as much as I usual today; felt like I was wasting the ammo because of the windy conditions

Fifty Yards

The target backed (twenty targets plus sighters at bottom) show all targets of the day.

Yes, the target below are the three best of the day; I'm doing my best to test the rifle - not my terrible shooting skills especially reading the wind.

FYI, Possum Hollow Products Bore Guide #92 (for CZ452) fits the Lithgow 101 - pics below.

Ballistic X Mobile App. :

Target 1 1.237 MOA Very Windy

Target 4 1.126 MOA Very Windy

Target 5 1.196 MOA Very Windy

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