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My Lithgow 101 - At the Range on March 5, 2021

Specs: Lithgow 101 in 22LR, Mueller 40x56 Scope (only $250- don't expect a lot), Vortex Rings, Scope Rail from Trigger by Scar, LLC, Eley's Tenex Ammo, Trigger pull at 3.5 lbs.

No modifications (yet) - everything factory.

Shot about 50-75 rounds prior to the following targets

Fifty Yards

Ballistic X Mobile App. :

Target 9: 1.775 MOA Windy

Target 12: 0.497 MOA Calm

Target 13: 0.903 MOA Calm

Target 14: 0.551 MOA Calm

Target 15: 1.404 MOA Calm

I couldn't decide whether to purchase the Lithgow or a CZ 457 so, I bought both. With that, I will o evaluate both with all other factors being as similar as possible. Therefore, needed to install the same optic on both, with a limited budget - buying two Mueller 40x56's. As noted above, the scope is only $250 each, don't expect a NightForce.


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