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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Specs in previous Posts.

REALLY needs a lighter trigger; currently at 3.5# which is fine for carrying in the woods but, too heavy for the benchrest.

My Savages 93R17 pre-accu trigger (I bought in 2001) has a Rifle Basix upgrade ( at 1# is great. I wish they sold same for Lithgow. I've found 2-3 after market products I will investigate. I hope to get the pull to 1#ish.

If you've read my previos posts you'll know I also purchased a CZ-457 which I will begin shooting the summer and am anxious to see how they compare. BTW, Rifle Basix does see an upgrade for the CZ-455 which I assume will fit the 457 too.

The target backer (twenty targets plus sighters at bottom) show all targets of the day.

Yes, the targets below are the best of the day; I'm doing my best to test the rifle - not my terrible shooting skills especially reading the wind.

Fifty Yards

Ballistic X Mobile App. :

Target S: 0.363 MOA Calm

Target 3: 0.967 MOA Calm

Target 4: 1.050 MOA Calm

Target 5: 0.937 MOA Calm

Target 8: 0.670 MOA Calm

Target 9: 0793 MOA Calm

Target 10: 0.444 MOA Calm

Target 12: 0.791 MOA Calm

Target 14: 0.589 MOA Slightly Windy

Target 15 1.327 MOA Slightly Windy

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