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Pelosi rages over gun-toting GOP House candidate’s ‘threat‘ against ‘Squad’

She hasn’t even won her House race, but a Georgia candidate’s prominent use of guns in her campaign, including an image of her holding an AR-15 beside images of "the Squad," a group of liberal House women, over the caption “Squad’s worst nightmare” has drawn the scorn of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In a tweet, the speaker, who is fending off her no-mask scandal, cited Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Facebook message and called on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to condemn it.

This post on Facebook by Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon adherent & likely winner of House seat in Congress, shows her holding a rifle gun & seemingly threatening @AOC@RashidaTlaib@IlhanMN. It has 4.6k likes and comments, and nearly 1,500 shares on Facebook, per CrowdTangle.


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