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Record Gun Sales & Diverse Ownership

Record Gun Sales and Diverse Ownership Mean Rocky Prospects for Restrictions for Biden Administration

Biden and his followers are under the misguided belief that they can force the populace to give up their guns.

While at the same time they are attacking the First Amendment, specifically Freedom the believe they snap their fingers and the guns will magically all disappear.

This is one of the main problems with having a new administration that has not red the U.S. Constitution, specific Heller vs D.C.

New gun owners are unlikely to embrace disarmament schemes from a government they distrust.

Joe Biden will enter the White House this month at the head of a political party that in recent years has been overtly hostile to self-defense rights, even to the point of advocating impossible-to-enforce bans on popular firearms.

January 9, 2021; J.D. Tuccille; Reason;

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