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Review of Bald Eagle Rest with Windage

I bought 5+ years ago and have used several times.

The cable design for adjusting windage is a significant design flaw. The cable flexes when twisting the Windage Knob making it very difficult to get the fine movement needed for minute adjustments. Additionally, the Windage Cradle ‘jumps’ if the spring tension is too strong; you must find the spring tension ‘sweet spot’ for fine adjustments.

I stack wood blocks and sand bags to hold the cable in place preventing it from flexing but again, the spring tension still has a ‘sweet spot’ for the ultra fine adjustments you’ll require. Once you find this spring tension ‘sweet spot’ and secure the cable the rest works well.

I recently discovered “Modifying the Bald Eagle Rest - Windage Adjustment” article on but, have not yet done so. The Comments on this page claim finding the required manifold stud is the hardest task about this modification but, I found it quickly on Amazon. If I make this modification, I’ll update this review.

In collusion, the Bald Eagle Rest with Windage is a much less expensive than other rests I investigated before purchasing. The money you’ll save is worth the trouble and inconvenience of stabilizing the flexing cable and the adjusting for ‘jumping’ Windage Cradle.

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Bald Eagle Rest with Windage

Modified with removed cable.


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