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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

From their site: WARNING: Apple, S8/S9 and above devices will require the Wifi Adapter.

Which is not explained what devices those are. What is a S8/S9 + device???? I assume it means Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. S9 but, we all know what assume means: “ass” out our “u” and “me”.

It may not work with your cell which was not obviously disclosed when I purchased. They may have updated their site now to be more obvious. I have a Galaxy A11 and it will not work without buying the WiFi device.

Installation is NOT easy and straight forward. The enclosed instructions direct you to their ‘How To’ page on which are videos - the one for Androids is guy sitting in his ‘easy chair’ - poorly done.

For the Android, the video directs one to confirm your device is OGT compatible (which I’ve never heard) BUT IT DOES NOT PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS OF HOW TO DO SO. YOU MUST DETERMINE THAT ON YOUR OWN; which I found to very time consuming. Additionally, the app instructed to download CameraFI2 that may not be compatible with the EndoSnake which requires more investigation. Frustrating as HELL.

CameraFI2 does not work on a Galaxy A11 for the EndoSnake. It MIGHT with the Wifi Adapter - I don’t know yet.

If you have an Apple or a “S8 or S9 or above” (whatever that means) , you must buy a second device for WiFI….$25

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, WATCH THEIR ‘HOW TO’ VIDEOS TO CONFIRM THE ENDDOSNAKE WIILL WORK.. I finally gave up and may or may not purchase the extra Wifi device; haven’t decided yet. See my email below.

I’m obviously frustrated and extremely disappointed with the ‘set up’ process of installation. I give ‘easy of set up’ a F.

Their web site says “Call Any Time for Help” but, that’s false. I called Saturday, May 29, 2021, 10:00AM - no answer. Directed me their website for assistance.

However, setting up to use with laptop is MUCH easier and don’t need to purchase a second WiFi device. The video on setting up and using with a laptop is short and easy to understand.

I sent the following via their web site. I’ll update this post when the respond

11:21AM Eastern 29 May 2021

From your site" "S8/S9 and above devices will require the Wifi Adapter (not included - $24.99) to be able to connect with the Endosnake™️."

I have a Galaxy A11; do I need the WiFi Adapter? I've already purchased the EndoSnake and cannot get to work on my cell....

Although it works great on my Windows laptop.

In collusion, I find using EndoSnake with my cell a pain in the a$$ but, the laptop is easy and straight forward. I’m may purchase the WiFi for $25; certainly that would be more convenient at the range. Ease of installation for cell: F (without the WiFI device); A+ for Windows laptop. I cannot rate ease of installation with the WiFi device because I did not purchase - yet. If I do purchase, I’ll update this post.

I suggest the Company just include the WiFi adapter for all and raise the price according; it would make the whole experience of using and installing more enjoyable. I’ve spent more than $25 of my time ‘F-ing’ with the cell phone install.

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