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Vertx Gamut Overland Backpack, Ideal Discreet Carry Pack – Review

U.S.A.-( Half the planet lives in poverty, strife, and suffer the worst governments you can possibly imagine.  Then there are other places – These States United.  It is my firm opinion that most Americans have never studied, much less encountered cultures outside their own.  Few have traveled abroad.  I’ve got news for you.  Trips to some beachfront in Central America don’t count.  What I’m referring to are truly differing cultures and the stories they inhabit.  I believe an opportunity has been presented to us for tremendous growth if we’d simply pay attention.

Over the last several months an invisible thing has altered most of our lives.  The panic, trauma, and fear responses from that have changed the playing field.  Add a healthy dose of civil unrest stemming from the bad actors among various movements, and you’ve got a ton of people asking themselves the fundamental questions they should have been pondering forever.  Am I safe?  How can I better prepare?  Where should I go and not go?  All good questions that require thought and grounded answers.

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