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Gun Control End Game

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban and confiscate commonly owned firearms. If anti-gun politicians take control of the White House and Congress, will they stop at confiscation of semi-automatic rifles? For the answer, look to the source of inspiration for so many gun control dreams: Australia. If Biden and Harris follow the Aussie example, even Americans’ toy guns won’t be safe.

Tasmanian Police have decided, after two years of allowing their use, that gel blasters are now defined as firearms under the Firearms Act 1996. As reported in The Daily Telegraph, Tasmanian Police sent letters to gel blaster owners demanding they surrender their property to government agents. Most states in Australia ban gel blasters and the toys are treated as actual firearms – meaning anyone with the illegal toy faces the same penalties as they would if caught with an actual firearm. Some states – like Tasmania up until this month, allowed possession of gel blasters for recreational club use.


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